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We are glad to present you this part of our blog! Here we will post some things to help and inform everyone who wants to be part of the prayer and intercession ministry during this World Cup.

Why a page just for Prayer and Intercession?

We are very sure it is one of the strongest and most effective weapons in the spiritual warfare we face every day and specially during this important time. And it is an excellent tool for achieving spiritual goals in our Father´s project.

Because a father cannot stay calm and sit back when his child has a broken heart before his eyes.

Definitely, our heavenly Father cannot stay in peace and be quiet watching his people pray with a contrite heart and presenting their petitions through a thanksgiving soul.

Prayer moves God´s heart.

Dad wants to share his dream with us: to restore his Kingdom through salvation and the healing of this land ... but, how can we participate in this challenge?

By letting him do what he wants more: work with us, united, participating in his projects and plans. 

And one of the best ways to participate is through prayer… Taking the place of those who need healing, restoration, salvation and the loving care of the Father... Asking and crying for all their needs, just like they themselves would do if they were aware of their deep needs.

Let’s follow Jesus example! He offered up prayers and petitions with fervent cries and tears… Let the Holy Spirit, who intercedes for us with wordless groans, guide us to understand what we ought to pray...

Don´t miss this great opportunity to advance on the path to the restoration of God´s Kingdom on this earth, to participate in our dad´s dream… A dream of salvation and the return home of his whole family.

Let´s declare once again that this land belongs to one owner, God who is the original creator, and proclaim that who inhabit this place are his children and legitimate heirs.

Let's pray together for the nations!


How to pray for the 32 nations...-

Sure you have already seen our post talking about the 32 nations participating in this World Cup and the prayer points to intercede for them.

But if you didn´t yet, you can take a look at this link and start to pray for the nations and share this info to everybody to start a strong web of intercession for them!

32 nations of the World Cup to pray for from JeannetteLukasse

There are translated versions available in Spanish, Portuguese & Korean.

EXODUS CRY - Liberdade

As you all know, we feel the strong need to fight against human trafficking during this World Cup. And that´s why we want to everybody to know the ministry of EXODUS CRY. We already have talked a little bit about them in our posts before...

Exodus Cry, a ministry from IHOP, has developed a great and powerful ministry against Human Trafficking... To explain their vision, it is better to use their own words: "...At Exodus Cry, our Prevention efforts focus on eradicating sex trafficking at its root causes and addressing the societal factors that allow slavery to exist. We seek to stop this injustice before it starts so that the victimization of women and children all over the world is eliminated. We focus our prevention efforts on three main areas: mobilizing prayer, raising awareness, and advocating for domestic and international legal reform..."

Of course, you can have more information about them here:

They have developed a project called LIBERDADE, which is an initiative to work for freedom for people trafficked in Brazil through prayer, outreach, and training of those who will serve as abolitionists inside the country.

"During the World Cup thousands of tourists will flock to the newly constructed arenas and the dazzling landscapes. But in the shadows, oppression is already lurking. A booming sex trade is flourishing. For the many victims trapped in this insidious industry, freedom—liberdade—is just a word.

As soccer teams from all over the world gather to play in one of the world’s largest sporting events of the year, our teams will unite in the tournament’s host cities to reach out to the countless victims in Brazil’s notorious red-light districts and pray for an end to sex trafficking in the nation.

Stand with us. Give with us. Pray with us as we shine a light of hope into the darkness"

So, you can join to this fight by praying with us.

Here´s the link to download the calendar for praying during 31 days during the World Cup specially created by Exodus Cry. We can pray together everyday and, of course, you can share with us the messages God gave you trough intercession and all the answers He gives... Send them to our FB page. We will be delighted to share them to all our KICKOFF FAMILY and to Exodus Cry team too!!!



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