Wednesday, April 30, 2014

06. Let´s Join Liberdade!

Dear Friends, 

We received a letter from our friend Blaire, who is working with the project called LIBERDADE from the ministry Exodus Cry.

Liberdade is Exodus Cry’s initiative to bring freedom to the women and children trafficked in Brazil through prayer, outreach, and training of Brazilian residents who will serve as abolitionists in their home country.

The effort will culminate at the start of the World Cup in June of 2014 and continue throughout the 31 days of the games. As soccer teams from all over the world gather to play in one of the world’s largest sporting events of the year, the teams who get involved in this project will unite in the tournament’s host cities to reach out to the countless victims in Brazil’s notorious red-light districts and pray for an end to sex trafficking in the nation.
For more information, please check:
Also, we want to share Blaire´s letter with you.

Please feel free to share this project and this material to everybody. Together, we can join to God´s desire for the healing of this land.
Hi Friends!  

Excited to share a new short video we are releasing for Liberdade! See below. Please help us get the word out by sharing it! 

We are still in post-production for the short film we will release in May that will take a comprehensive look at the climate in Brazil related to sexual exploitation and features many of you!! Thank you to all of you who spent time interviewing with us and telling the stories of the crisis of this situation but also the testimonies of deliverance and hope in Christ's love. It is an honor and privilege to stand with you in this fight!
Much Love,


05. Check out the selections hosting place during the World Cup!

Dear friends,

Hope you be fine, filled by the spirit of God, and burning with the desire to touch every nation with his love!

A lot of teams are interested in sharing the gospel in Brazil during the World Cup. We expect that large number of outreach teams will come to this land to help us welcome the nations.

If you haven't yet decided where you will serve during this trip, or if you already know where you are staying but need some information the events which are going to happen in your host city, here´s  information about the football teams and the places where they going to stay during the competition.

We think it´s good to know where the teams are going to stay, because many events will happen around the teams. We predict that lots of fans from the same countries are going to follow their national teams... So, maybe we can use these opportunities to share the Gospel with them and use the Apps we have introduced to you before...

These Apps are good tools for sharing God´s words in their own languages... and knowing the "plans" of the fans, you´ll have more opportunities to prepare yourself better to share with them!

Have a look at this information and start to ask God for his guidance to prepare your outeach plans!

May God bless you and guide every step of your work for his Kingdom!

Daniela and the Kickoff team, Brazil.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

04. Just two more months!

Dear friends,

Just two more months and the FIFA Football (Soccer) World Cup will be starting in Brazil.

We are very excited to see how many people downloaded the slides about the 32 nations and the prayer points. If you haven’t done this yet, please take the opportunity now.
Click on this link Below you can see some pictures from our brothers and sister in Argentina (YWAM Ituzaingó) that printed the slides and prayed for the different nations in groups or as individuals.

And now for the big news: We made a special tutorial for people who want to use their mobile phones for evangelism.

Download those 2 apps: and Jesusfilmmedia. Then click on the link for the tutorial 

And learn how you can download and share the spoken New Testament in 700 languages and the Jesus film in over 1,100 languages. We live in such an exciting time with technological tools unimaginable only a few years ago! People can now share the Bible in a language they don’t themselves know, and give the Bible to people from restricted-access nations in a digital form.

Please pray and partner with us in order that the gospel will go out in an unprecedented way.

May God bless you as you reach out with His love,

Johan & Jeannette Lukasse and the Kickoff team, Brazil


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

03. How to pray for the 32 nations that will come to the World Cup.

Dear friends,

We are so excited about all the countries that will come to Brazil, what an opportunities to reach out! Please pray with us specifically for the 32 countries that will come with their teams to play the Football / Soccer World Cup from the 12th of June to the 13th of July in 12 different cities all through our nation. You can see this slide presentation by clicking here. Thirty two slides, one for each of the nations that will come to the World Cup.

There are different ways you can use this material which contains information and prayer points:
1. Share it with as many other prayer warriors as possible. 
2. Use it for specific times of intercession. 
3. Project it during prayer meetings in your youth group, church, cell group, YWAM base, DTS, etc. 
4. Print out each slide and put them on the wall in classrooms or prayer rooms, and pray in groups for each of the nations represented by the pictures posted on the walls. 
5. Share the series on social media networks. 

But whatever you do, please pray for these nations and the Brazilian church, as we will be receiving many people from those nations on our door step. Pray that many international teams will come and help the Brazilian church share the Gospel to all those nations. 

Note that at least 8 of these nations are predominantly Muslim, or have a big Muslim segment of their population.May God bless you as you make yourselves available to intercede for the nations.

Johan & Jeannette Lukasse and the Kickoff team.

02. Welcome to Brazil!

Dear Friends,
We would like to invite you to come to Brazil with your DTS students and outreach teams during the Football / Soccer World Cup this year 2014, from June 12th to July 13th.
Thirty-two nations will be competing with their national soccer teams. Approximately 600.000 international tourists and 3 million Brazilian tourists are expected to circulate during this World Cup in the 12 host cities of the World Cup.
What a tremendous opportunity we will have to reach out to so many people with the love of God!
Please pray about bringing your team to come on outreach to one of the 12 host cities in Brazil. Here are some ideas of how that could look:
  • Organizing a “Mini World Cup” for children in the slums
  • Bringing awareness and intervention in the areas of slavery, human trafficking and sexual exploitation
  • Preaching the gospel through drama and arts
  • Praying for people and giving them a cup of water
  • Shaking the heavenlies in intercession
  • Ministering to the homeless and drug addicts
  • Traveling on the Amazon River and reaching the tribal people
  • Doing medical and dental outreach
  • Joining one of the twelve 24/7 prayer houses in the red light districts of the 12 host cities.
  • Sharing with your mobile phone by Bluetooth portions of the Bible or the Jesus film with people from closed nations
There are so many more opportunities in any of the 12 host cities for the World Cup!
Look now and register your team on:

We welcome you to Brazil!

Johan & Jeannette Lukasse and the YWAM Kickoff team


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

01. Getting ready for the World Cup...Outubro 2013

As we are planning for the World Cup in 2014, this is a very special time for Brazil—a big challenge, but also a huge opportunity. We would like to see tens of thousands of people come to know the Lord personally—not only Brazilians, but also tourists from different countries.

As during the last World Cups, prostitution, human trafficking and sexual exploitation are growing very fast, and as Brazil is already known for its sex tourism, we would like to ask the teams to focus on evangelism AND justice. We want to give them information and tools for evangelism, but also ways to fight against human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

More than ever, we understand that this is something that cannot be done by only one organization or just one church. We need to work together! We have already found many organizations and churches that are committed to reach out. But there is room for many more!

1. Planning for 6,000 evangelism and compassion teams from around the world to come to Brazil during the World Cup-- around 64,000 people!
2. Sharing gospel media, the Bible in 6000 languages, the Jesus film, the oral Bible in 700+ languages, and anti-human trafficking/sexual exploitation clips, on smart and feature cell phones.
3. Develop strategies for the teams
4. Using soccer and sport strategies
5. Prayer
6. Worship
7. Documentary of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Brazil
8. Small 1-3 minute clips, in Portuguese, teaching how to recognize human trafficking and sexual exploitation, (with phone numbers who to phone in Brazil), to be used
a) in airplanes coming to Brazil,
b) in “seminars” for training:
1. bus drivers,
2. taxi drivers,
3. truck drivers,
4. hotel maids
9. App for mobile phones to denounce sexual abuse and human trafficking, and Call Centers in all 12 cities of the World cup for counselling and prayer.

If your church or organization would like to help in one or more of the specific outreaches, please have a look at our webpage,, or write us at, indicating where your organization would like to be involved or is involved already. If you have an idea that is not mentioned here, feel free to send us your idea—we’re still in the early stages of planning!

Please pray. Ask God what your organization’s involvement might be. Let’s do this together!


Johan and Jeannette Lukasse